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FolioBoxArt was created as a result of constant search for high quality products for our personal studio needs, that will be reasonably priced and allow our photography business be profitable and our clients happy.

We are based in Ontario, and our business model is built on Sue Bryce's reveal wall concept and requires a lot of products that were either not available in our area or priced so high that our clients never purchased them.


After a long search,endless emails, ordering tons of samples  we've finally found quality products and started to work directly with the manufacturer to get those products without third parties fees. BUT in order to work directly with manufacturer, we needed to buy commercial quantities of products and slowly our studio started to fill up with tens of folio boxes and hundreds of mats. Wewere happy, but running out of space. This is when we decided to supply those products to our fellow photographers, keeping prices low, making a little profit for our effort, enjoying delivering high quality products to our clients for the best prices on the market.

We personally build every bundle, based on our own experience and our friends photographers suggestions.This is why in every Folio Box Bundle you receive a nice carrying bag to deliver to your clients, white cotton gloves and clear bags*. Every mat you buy comes with clear protective bag - you don't want your beautiful white paper mats to get stained from fingerprints.


Since the very beginning we used only free marketing tools - Facebook and word of mouth. This new online store will help us to reach more photographers, but our main goal still the same - to keep those prices as low as possible and become your main supplier of folio boxes and slip-in mats in Canada and US.


If you have any questions regarding the products or service, any suggestions on how we can do better, please, don't hesitate to send us a message.

*while supplies last, bonus products may vary

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